Our Mission

We are committed to using our extensive knowledge and experience in the Life Sciences and Technology Industries to provide innovative solutions that will potentially assist in preventing child abuse cases.

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The Problem

It is a tragic fact that each year almost 700,000 children in the USA experience abuse, though some agencies put that number at three million. And when you extend this to the rest of the world it rises to the horrific figure of around one billion. That's ONE BILLION victims of child abuse every year. Abused children are missing out on the care and support they need and deserve, just because we lack an integrated system to securely track and monitor the children once they leave the hospital.

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Search Hub for Innocents and Endangered Lives Data is an integrated monitoring system that allows the data to be accessed across entities, coupled with a tracking system to allow the relevant agency to deploy the necessary steps to help expediate early identification and intervention. SHIELD is a cloud-based platform which provides a seamless integration between hospitals, law enforcement and other government systems. Our platform is developed using Distributed Ledger Technology and will provide secure and direct access to patient data to ensure that the correct agencies have the information in a timely manner and will potentially assist in preventing future cases.

Innovation for Early Detection
  Cloud-Based Platform
  Real-Time Monitoring
  Digital Notification
  Enhanced Electronic Tracking
  Secure Data Integration
  Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Analytics
  Distributed Immutable Ledger
  Data Encryption and Digital Key Identification
  Data Provenance and Transparency
  Reporting and Analytics

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Agencies We Need to Integrate

Although many agencies are involved in preventing child abuse, there is a lack of digital integration

Healthcare Centers

There are hundreds across the country but are not integrated with the hospitals


More are opening but are restricted to their own network

Government Agencies

Such as the CPS, DCFS, and DSS, and others.


Over 6,000

Law Enforcement Agencies

Approximately 18,000 different local, federal, city, or state departments.

Social Advocacy Groups

There are hundreds, each with their own approach.

Who We Are?

We are a team of medical, technical, and government professionals who are dedicated to developing solutions to integrate healthcare systems to increase prevention in child abuse cases. We firmly believe that increased accessibility to data pertaining to child abuse cases will improve communications and allow the relevant hospitals and agencies to provide a greater level of care and support.  Our platform will provide secure and direct access to patient data to ensure a seamless integration between hospitals, law enforcement and other government systems.   The challenge is in the way data is stored and handled.  Vital information about abused children and their families can be effectively ‘siloed’, making it virtually inaccessible. When you consider how many agencies are involved, it highlights the scale of the problem.

Dr. George Hsu

Executive Medical Officer

Gordon M. Tampol

Exec. Technology Officer

Jennifer Corrao

Executive Financial Officer

Dr. Ohmed Khilji

Chief Clinical Officer

Kasia Piskorska

Chief Information Officer

Syed Hashmi

Clinical Systems Architect

Mehul Shah

Enterprise Architect

Utilizing the SHIELD Platform for Integrating Entities Responsible for Child Abuse Prevention

Why we need your help…..

The Covid19 pandemic has forced families to spend more time at home, resulting in a spike in abuse cases. The sense of urgency is clear - something must be done. We are committed to doing our part by introducing this technology which will allow for the updating, monitoring, tracking, and notifying of cases, all from one platform.
But we can't do it alone! We will be relying on help in the form of volunteers and donations. Our children, all children, deserve every opportunity and the best care when they need it. Let's meet that need, together.


Important Facts About Child Abuse

3.5 million cases for child protective services.
1 in 7 children experienced abuse.
5 children per day die due to abuse.
20% to 30% of child abuse cases are missed by hospitals.